My Skills & Experience

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Web Skills
These foundational technologies have been my toolkit since the beginning. Completed course at Yrkeshögskolan.
5 years experience
Good understanding of TypeScript. Promoting code maintainability, writing clean code and preventing type related errors.
3 years experience
NextJS helped me build a deep understanding of creating modern web applications with efficient server-side rendering and static site generation.
2 years experience allows me to create powerful and efficient web applications quickly. It's been my go to framework for the past few years. Remix enhances my creativity and gives me more freedom.
2 years experience
I utilize DrizzleORM for consistent and efficient database interaction across various projects.
1 year experience
Server Skills
Creating custom API routes and running quick servers. Completed a NodeJS course at Yrkeshögskolan.
4 years experience
I’m comfortable using Docker to manage containerized applications. This includes tasks such as running my own Docker instances, creating images, and using containers for various purposes. Docker has become one of my go to tools for me, especially in web application development. Whether I'm setting up a backend like Turso or preparing for hosting on platforms like Oracle Cloud or Nginx, Docker simplifies the process and provides me consistency and easy deployment.
2 years experience
Database Skills
I use hasura for real-time data management. I have built powerful applications which allowed me to create seamless user experiences.
2 years experience
First database I ever used was Firebase. It’s an easy to use tool for small applications, but I've moved to more scalable approaches.
1 year experience
2 years experience
1 year experience
Good understanding of Turso. I have built powerful applications which allowed me to create seamless user experiences. I utilize the ability of creating multiple databases.
1 year experience
Cloud Skills
Oracle Cloud
Has allowed me to get a great understanding of server management. I have created VM and private tunels. Currently, I use Oracle as an alternative to Vercel/Web hosting platforms.
2 years experience
Cloudflare (d1/r2)
I use Cloudflare for multiple purposes. Its my domain storage and i have been exploring its database and image storage capabilities.
1 year experience
System Skills
Comfortable working with Ubuntu/Linux operating systems.
3 years experience
It's my primary operating system for programming tasks
2 years experience
Utilizing Bash scripting to automate tasks, improve consistency, and streamline deployment processes.
1 year experience
Design Skills
Proficient in TailwindCSS. It's a great tool, which enables me the quick creation of clean and responsive user interfaces.
3 years experience
Combine TailwindCSS with Shadcn to efficiently build visually appealing user interfaces that are both functional and aesthetically pleasing.
1 year experience
Experience collaborating with designers using Figma and creating personal mockups. Completed a Figma course at Yrkeshögskolan.
1 year experience